got privacy?  Musings on the state of Privacy in a connected world.
I remember watching Minority Report a few years ago and thinking that although the plot was a little contrived (another not quite successful translation of a Philip K Dick novel to the big screen) some of the gadgets were pretty cool.  I remember back to Blade Runner (another PKD based movie) where everyone wanted not only the flying cars but also those umbrellas that light up  - which would be pretty handy in Seattle!

Now, it increasingly looks like some of the vision is becoming reality.  This article from the BBC website showcases some of the places where money and privacy collide - particularly around location aware advertising.  I don't fully buy into the argument that people would rather have ads that are relevant to them.  The statistics about how many adverts we already are exposed to are pretty incredible.  If possible - I'd like to be able to avoid ads that are targeted based on who I am and where I am, or at least be exposed to them on an opt-in basis only.

Here's the article.  Enjoy.