got privacy?  Musings on the state of Privacy in a connected world.
just a short post to get this started.  To what extent is publishing a blog about Information Privacy a contradiction in terms?  I had been wondering that for a while as I thought about dipping my toe into this.  My take is no - I'm intending this blog to be about the issues of the day and my view of them (and occasionally, the views of my friends and colleagues in the privacy space).  I'd be interested in your comments on my musing and let me know when you think I've missed the point or you want to take the other side of an issue.  Hopefully this is going to be a learning experience for me, and another channel for you to find out what's new and exciting in the way of privacy and information security.

To kick off - here's a link to a 5 minute video that I saw for the first time a couple of weeks ago showing Microsoft's vision of possible technologies in use in 2019.  Certainly this is impressive stuff - but there are at least a couple of technologies in here that could present significant privacy issues if not appopriately managed.  Have a look and see how many you can find.